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If you struggle with your weight, you are not alone. Millions of Americans are considered overweight, and 100 million of them are considered obese. Dr. Joseph Naim understands the physical discomfort and self-consciousness you are experiencing. For this reason, he offers the trusted, proven LAP-BAND® procedure at his Long Beach office or one of his other four locations in Los Angeles and Orange County. LAP-BAND® reduces the size of your stomach, helping you to become full faster and ultimately eat less more info at

There are several known LAP-BAND® benefits. The resulting weight loss not only helps you to look and feel better – it can also help you avoid serious health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure and cholesterol.Contact us to learn more. Also, here you can find professional house cleaning services.

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How does LAP-BAND® Work?

LAP-BAND® is a minimally-invasive procedure performed using laparoscopes. These long, thin tubes are inserted through small incisions in your abdomen and are connected to a camera and a computer monitor, providing Dr. Naim with a detailed view of your stomach. Using the laparoscopes, he will place a hollow tube around the upper part of your stomach. Once 
you have healed, he will fill the band with saline solution. Read more about legal aid San Diego. This
 will narrow the upper portion of your stomach, allowing food to only 
pass gradually. This reduces the size of your stomach, which means you can feel full after eating less. Many patients prefer LAP-BAND® over other types of bariatric surgerybecause it is reversible and does not involve staples or the removal of any portion of your stomach or intestines.


As with any weight loss surgery, the results of LAP-BAND® depend on your dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Proper diet and regular exercise are necessary for weight loss. To ensure significant and long-lasting results, you should begin eating three small, high-protein, low-carb meals every day with no snacking in between. Eating too much or too quickly can cause nausea and vomiting learn more. Dr. Naim will work with you to create a diet and exercise plan that fits with your life and health. In fact, studies have shown that LAP-BAND® patients lose an average of 40% of their body weight during the first year. Though patients who choose LAP-BAND® do not typically drop as many pounds as those who chose gastric bypass, the results are still significant, and many patients appreciate the fact that the gastric band can be adjusted later on to meet new needs and health issues.

Candidates For LAP-BAND®

Not everyone who is overweight qualifies for gastric banding. To qualify for the procedure, patients must:

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 60
  • Have a BMI of 40 or above, or a BMI of 30 or above, coupled with related health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or sleep apnea at
  • Have made serious but unsuccessful attempts to lose weight through diet and exercise
  • Be committed to making the necessary lifestyle changes following LAP-BAND®

LAP-BAND® is not recommended if you have digestive disorders such as Crohn’s disease, advanced heart or lung disease, pancreatitis, portal hypertension, or a genetic history of autoimmune connective tissue disease.

Cost of LAP-BAND®

Several factors affect the final cost you can expect to pay for LAP-BAND® surgery. Dr. Naim and his team can help you understand these costs and explore financing options. Visit The majority of patients with insurance coverage receive partial or full coverage for LAP-BAND®. We also provide in-house financing and can recommend other financing solutions.

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